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To read additional reviews on these items or for pricing information, just click on any book cover or the handy links provided. There's no obligation to buy. Please enjoy my personal comments below.

KIMN'S HTML HANDBOOK: From Top to Bottom

Created for my web design students, this booklet includes the basic anatomy of web page design, the Top Ten HTML codes you need to know to make a web page, and a list of resources (including Internet sites with free graphics and information). Lots more, including actual samples of HTML text and how it appears online. Get your own copy for $5.50, postage paid. Just e-mail me to reserve your copy.

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Home Page: An Introduction to Web Page Design, by Christopher F. Lampton (1997, Franklin Watts), paperback, 64p.

THIS is THE book that taught me how to create my own website. I made my first web page in just two hours. If you want an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand text (without all that computer gibberish that only highly technical computer geeks can appreciate) and if you're serious about setting up your own web page, GET THIS BOOK.

Home Sweet Home Page and the Kitchen Sink, by Robin Williams & Dave Mark (1997, Peachpit Press), paperback plus CD ROM with graphics, 208p.

If you're intimidated by web code language (HTML), pick up this book from Peachpit Press for tips on how to design the best website using software such as Adobe Pagemaker or Microsoft FrontPage. A fun, easy-to-read and informative book. Included is a handy CD-ROM with loads of free graphics, buttons, and bars to add pizzazz to your pages.

HTML in Action: Hot Tips for Cool Sites, by Bruce Morris (1996, Microsoft Press), paperback with CD-ROM, 336p.

Once I learned how to create my own web pages with Christopher Lampton's book (above), this book by Bruce Morris increased my understanding of HTML codes. I learned how to make text BLINK, how to create tables, and much more. When I'm ready, I may even try his advanced tips. It's a well-written book, not too technical, good for beginning-to-intermediate HTML web designers. The CD-ROM is a nice feature as well.

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