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I owe my heartfelt appreciation to those who reviewed my site and granted the following awards and memberships. Thank you to each one.

Award of Excellence

"I would like to extend my congratulations
on producing a very visually appealing website that
offers inspiration and insight for budding authors. An oasis for
the weary web traveler. An excellent addition to the web,
one that you should be very proud of."

Ben Ciolczynski, Home & Hearth

Award received 6/1/99

Christian Web Site of the Day
Awarded 4/27/99

The Page ONE Award for Literary Contribution
"Your site has been chosen
for The Page ONE Literary Award
for online contributions. Congratulations!
Keep up the good work!"

John Weaver, editor Page ONE

Award received 3/14/99

Sharing Spirit Award, from The Reading Garden
"Sharing Spirit" Award received 3/4/99
Great Site Award, from the Poetry Forum & Poetry From the Heart
Award received 2/11/99

The Praying Hands Award, from the Yeshua Messiah site

Award received 12/20/98

The Dove's Award for Excellence, from THE DOVE site
Award received 12/19/98
Award of Excellence, from The Lighthouse site
Award received 12/18/98

Christian Web Design Award, from Jill Bondurant

Award received 12/18/98

This site earned the Gold Level Award after an independent review by a panel of judges.

GOLD LEVEL Creative Website Award

Award received 11/10/98

SafeSurf Rated All Ages

Rating received August 1998

I hold memberships in these organizations:

The HTML Writers Guild The Association of Christian Web Authors Cybergrace Christian Network

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators

Pacific Northwest Writers' Association

Northwest Christian Writers' Association

Eastside Writers' Association

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Posted December 19, 1998

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