"Kimn Swenson Gollnick: Ambidextrous Writing"™

This first appeared in The Northwest Christian Author, circa 1994.

By Lorinda K. F. Newton

As a child, Kimn Swenson Gollnick often created characters, stories, and games. She read extensively after her family gave away their television set. Some of her childhood favorites included C.S. Lewis, Walter Farley, E.B. White, Marguerite Henry, the Encyclopedia Brown series, and Grace Livingston Hill's romances.

This literary exposure encouraged her to write her first novel at age 12. Then one day, Kimn read that a writer should "write what you know," and feeling insecure, she tossed the novel in the garbage, an action she now regrets. Kimn has also kept a journal since 1973.

Kimn took up ventriloquism at age 9, wrote her own scripts, and won first place in a ventriloquist competition at age 18.

In 1990, she joined two writing groups and began to write seriously three years later. She gets up at 5:00 each morning to write. "I'm very strict with myself about no filing or record keeping during this quiet hour." A mom with two, home-schooled boys, ages four and six, she doesn't have much time during the day to write.

Kimn considers herself "literarily ambidextrous™," because she writes both fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. Her passion topics include euthanasia and life choices/consequences.

Her nonfiction articles have appeared in Writers Connection, Northwest Christian Author, North Sound Signal, Human Life News, Writers Information Network, Manic Moms, Northwest Baby & Child, The Marysville Globe (a news piece), and The Christian Conjurer. She also reviews books for the Christian Library Journal. Her editorial letters have been published in The Seattle Times and in seven other newspapers and periodicals.

In the fiction area, Kimn has been working on two picture books and her juvenile series, all of which are now being considered by Harvest House. She holds five writing awards, three for fiction and two for nonfiction [in 1994].

As a reader, Kimn demands a strong story: "If a story doesn't hold my attention, I can't finish it." Some fiction authors that she currently enjoys are Stan Baldwin (1999), Randy Alcorn (Deadline), William Kritlow (the "Virtual Reality" series with Thomas Nelson), Pat Rushford, and Willo Davis Roberts.

Kimn also teaches at area conferences and has an editing and marketing business that serves writers. Recently, Bible Advocate accepted an article she edited.

After a five-year hiatus while her boys were preschoolers, she has now recommenced her gospel ventriloquist ministry. Kimn performs at churches and youth groups.

When she can find the time, Kimn enjoys sewing, exploring the Internet, illustrating (pastels, ink, watercolor), and playing softball. She has served as NCWA's treasurer since 1992 and writes the Contests Column for the Northwest Christian Author.

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Originally pubished in Northwest Christian Author, circa 1994

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